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Month: June 2017

Misery Loves Company

Today we discuss why DOES misery love company? What is the psychology behind why others feel satisfaction making company with others in their own misery? Sometimes people speak negatively to spark a conversation and look for a way out of their own misery. Brad discusses the major distinction between Navy SEAL…

A Warrior Next Door

“Do sharks complain about Monday? NO.
They’re up early. Biting stuff, chasing shit, being scary- reminding everyone they’re a fucking shark.”
That’s the third text messages Brad ever sent me. The next few were jokes about ISIS, and videos of him running around in the woods like a kid while he hunts for coyotes. He’s one weird goofy guy. But in a second he can turn into the grittiest and most determined human being I’ve ever met.

What is Hell Week?

Imagine being constantly in motion, constantly being wet, cold, and sleep deprived. Imagine your eyes burning from sand, and your legs swollen twice their size. What motivates somebody to put themselves through this? This episode Brad discusses his experience in Hell Week, and how he was able to grind through…

Who are Brad Nagel and Dannie Strable?

Life shapes who we are. Experiences can transform us from ordinary to extraordinary people. In this podcast Brad Nagel and Dannie Strable reveal more about their entrance into the podcast arena and how adventures, achievements and personal experiences molded their personalities, curiosities and desires to uncover individuals with similar stories.…

Code Name: Johnnie Walker

This is a very special episode for me. Johnny Walker was an interpreter for the U.S. Navy SEALs. He served on thousands of missions with the SEALs in a place he once called home. Johnny went from being a normal truck driver to becoming arguably one of the greatest interpreters…