The Beginnings

This world is filled with amazing individuals who are powerful overcomers and keen leaders. Warrior Mindset has the privilege of telling some of their stories.

Late 2016, the Warrior Mindset team began a journey fueled by one man’s story. It was during simple lunch with seemingly simple guests where Dannie Strable and Brad Nagel encountered head on their curiosity and eagerness to dive deeper and uncover the fibers that make up today’s warriors.

“We met with retired Navy SEAL, Brad Nagel during that lunch,” says Strable. “Through this casual conversation, I didn’t ask him questions he couldn’t answer (even though I wanted to) I asked him questions like, ‘What is the feeling like when you’re breaking a door down knowing you’re headed into a gunfight?’ I try to predict his response, but every time I am surprised by the answer. His story was fascinating and it led to many more conversations. This ultimately was the beginning of the Warrior Next Door Podcast (now renamed, Warrior Mindset Podcast).”

There are distinguishing traits of a Warrior Mindset. With each new podcast, we discuss topics that affect our world and welcome high-achievers as guests. Our guests expand our understanding of Warrior Mindset traits and how they lend to effective leadership.

The Warrior Mindset Team

Dannie Strable

Dannie Strable

New endeavors and fresh challenges feed Dannie who at 27 years old is balancing three self-started businesses: Rackhouse Whiskey Club, a subscription whiskey-of-the-month club, producing and managing an upcoming television show called Whiskey Cats (premiering in summer 2018) and cofounding Warrior Mindset. An Iowa native, Dannie’s first talents started on the baseball diamond. He was a Division 1 baseball pitcher in Nashville, Tennessee and then brought his winning and inquisitive spirit back to Iowa to launch Warrior Mindset.

“The technical pieces of deploying a podcast are challenging, but discovering the story, rooting around an interview to uncover something extraordinary about these Warriors, comes most naturally. I’m inspired by these individuals and fed by their strength. These are the people and the stories I want the world to know about and I’m honored to simply be one of the guys with a microphone and the technology to amplify and broadcast their words so that the inspiration passes to others and lives on,” says Dannie, an avid outdoorsman, bow hunter, fisherman and certified Storm Chaser with SkyWarn.

No stranger to claims to fame, Dannie threw seven no-hitters during his high school baseball season. Playing college ball, his team earned the Atlantic Sun Conference Academic All-Conference title three years in a row (2010, 2011 and 2012). He earned his B.S. degree in Kinesiology from Lipscomb University where he developed YIPS one week after competing in one of his greatest games against the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Dannie played collegiate summer baseball with the historic Clarinda A’s whose notable alumni included Ozzie Smith, Chuck Knoblauch, Tony Cingrani, Von Hayes and Andy Benes.

In 2011, he worked with well known Sports Psychologist, Dr. Tom Hansen. Dannie was a Med Club member from 2011-2012. He currently works for the Iowa Donor Network, a nonprofit organ and tissue donation organization. 

Brad NagelBrad Nagel 

A Navy SEAL and advisor to President Trump during his campaign in Iowa, Brad thrives in high-intensity situations. He considers the Warrior Mindset Podcast as tactically, the best way to draw together perspectives, stories, and dialogue that educate and expand the thinking of eager listeners. The ability to turn these both harrowing and heroic stories into applicable lessons on leadership is one way Brad says he can serve a greater purpose.

Brad Nagel was born in Cherokee, IA.  As a child, he went to grade school in Meriden, Iowa.  In High School, Brad was active in football, wrestling, track, and baseball.  Brad barely graduated from Cherokee Washington High School in 1989, bottom of his class.  Brad joined the United States Navy in October of 1991 and retired in September of 2012.   Of his 20 years of service in the US Navy, 13 of those years were in the US Navy SEAL Teams.  During his career in the Navy, Brad has served on two aircraft carriers (USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Kitty Hawk) and three different SEAL Teams. Brad is one of the first members (plank owner) of SEAL Team Seven which was commissioned on March 17, 2002… the day of his grandmothers birthday.  Brad is also a plank owner at Naval Special Warfare Center,  Advanced Training Command Detachment Little Creek.

Brad’s work with foreign special operations groups:

  • Polish Grom- Poland Army Special Forces
  • Polish Formoza- Poland Navy Special Forces
  • Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)
  • Republic of Korea Naval Special Warfare (ROK NSW)
  • Norwegian Special Operation Forces
  • Special Service Group Navy (SSGN)- Pakistan Navy’s principal special operations force
  • Korps Commandotroepen – special forces of the Royal Netherlands Army
  • Pasukan Khas Laut (PASKAL)- special operations force of the Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Naval Special Operations Group(NAVSOG)- Philippine Navy Special Forces
  • Underwater Demolition Assault Unit of the Royal Thai Navy
  • Iraqi Special Operations Forces
  • Afghan National Army Special Forces

After retiring from the military, Brad went to graduate school at the University of Iowa, Executive MBA program.  After graduating from the University of Iowa, he was hired by Donald J. Trump as a political advisor to the Presidential Exploratory Committee in April of 2015.  From June 2015 to February 2016, Brad was one of Iowa’s Senior Political Advisors for Donald J. Trump for President.

In August 2015, Brad competed in a Ultratriathlon with six soldiers from the Polish Special Forces to commemorate and honor the 5th anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash victim, Lt. General Wlodzimierz Potasinski. The Ultratriathlon consisted of a 13-mile swim across the Baltic Sea starting in Hel, Poland to Gdynia, Poland,  440 miles of biking from the northern part of Poland to the southern most part and then finished on foot by climbing to the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains near Zakopane.

Currently, Brad is the host of the Warrior Mindset podcast and on the Board of Directors for The Warfighter Super PAC.

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