Facebook’s Marc Zuckerberg Doesn’t Have Sh*t on Michael Clark.

Facebook’s Marc Zuckerberg Doesn’t Have Sh*t on

Michael Clark.

Michael Clark didn’t dream of becoming the Cheif Technology Officer at Photobucket or the Chief of Engineering at VSCO, the community for expression.  Mike was a normal midwest farm kid helping his family by walking beans in the heat of the summer. Using the tools available to fix problems on the farm equipment. You see, Mike barely graduated high school. Mike’s parents were told by a teacher he may end up in prison, not college. Success is the greatest revenge.

There was one mentor that steered him in a direction that would lead to Mikes success, his high school debate team teacher. In college, Mike received a scholarship to be on the debate team. This turned into a great passion of Mikes. Being a great debater requires a great deal of inquisitiveness and research on the topic. Mike and his team were working on a project regarding the national budget. Imagine a stack of papers inches thick. The goal was to determine the long-term effects dollars being allocated in the budget. Managing all this data requires something we use mindlessly today, technology. With a program called dBASE and minimal programming experience, Mike essentially created a budget simulator. It’s understandable to think Mike had some hidden savant abilities. In reality, Mike found his passion.

Motivation vs Drive

Recently, Brad and I had a conversation about motivation vs drive. Society seems to use these words synonymously. Mountains aren’t moved by motivation; they are moved by being driven beyond your imagination. We’re driven away from our most comfortable places by an internal need (drive), not an external want (motivation). This is when Mike discovered Brazilian Jujitsu. At one time, Mike was 435 pounds. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours with minimal sleep led Mike down an unhealthy path. This all changed when a friend was given a gym membership for his birthday, from his wife. Not the most customary gift a wife could give, but the world works in funny ways. This led Mike to fight in over 251 jujitsu matches around the world.

Here is Mike before and after his transformation. Great job, Mike.

Take Risks


Trust me, Brad and I both know how easy it can be to feel stuck in small town Iowa. It doesn’t have to be in Iowa. It can be anywhere on earth. If you are one of these people, go out and take a risk. As Mike said, “Go out and take a risk, and if somebody takes a risk on you don’t let them down. Work your ass off to learn new skills and get better.” Taking risks isn’t comfortable. That’s precisely why it’s called risk. As Steve Cannon  said in an earlier show, “Don’t plan things to death.” Take calculated risks. At the end, you may have to rip out the front seat to fit all of your furniture in like Mike, but most importantly the gas is on the peddle heading into unknown lands.



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