Former Navy SEAL Dr. Kirk Parsley – The Sleep Doctor

High School Dropout To Navy SEAL

Former rootin tootin frogman Navy SEAL, Doctor, sleep specialist, and inventor of “Sleep Remedy” Dr. Kirk Parsley.

A medical doctor was not Doc Parsleys originally plan. The truth is Doc Parsley is a high school dropout. After a Stars and Stripes magazine, and multiple movies he found a fire in his gut to be a Navy SEAL. Out of many things you learn in the SEAL teams one of them is you feel unstoppable. High school drop out or not, Dr. Parsley was given the ingredients of a warrior to do whatever he wanted. A multi-sport athlete, Doc Parsley was always interested in sports medicine. After the SEAL Teams, he went on to plan, develop, and supervise the San Diego Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center. Of course, he didn’t stop there.

What Is Sleep?

Ask 10 doctors,”what is sleep” and you will receive 10 different answers. Type the question into Google and you will also receive different answers. Isn’t that fascinating? For something that everyone does, and never thinks about, sleep scientists still have no idea how to define it. Scientists are starting to understand the who, what, where, and when, but cannot understand the “why” we sleep. We just know we need it.

Why should you care?

As good little corporate employees that we are we tend to get stressed more than we should. Constantly waking up late. Looking good for work because your afraid what people will think. Then you leave for work and there’s freaking combine in the road going 10mph making you speed to work, so then you get a ticket, and then your late for work. Since your late for work, your boss and coworkers are upset because your work from the day before isn’t finished yet….You get the point. This is a state of “fight or flight.” The exact opposite of “fight or flight” is deep SLEEP. That’s when you have almost NO stress hormones. When this high state of stress is occurring, our body stops doing many processes that keep us healthy. You’re not fighting infections. Your gut isn’t digesting food properly. The body holds onto fat more, and the list goes on and on.

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy

Brad and I have a sleep cycle as consistent a hitter in baseball gets on base. Very inconsistent, like most people. That is exactly why Doc Parsley created “The Sleep Remedy.” This little packet was originally developed for Special Forces guys coming in with a wide range of issues. For a long time, this stumped Doc Parsley. Then, the more he learned the more he saw patterns all coming back to sleep. These guys were able to move away from their medications, and get into the states of sleep to help their bodies repair themselves. Just because our asleep doesn’t necessarily mean your “sleeping.” Listen to the podcast to learn about that.

Brad and I have both experimented with “The Sleep Remedy” and I have nothing but awesome things to say. It’s a product created specifically for our high-stress high stress busy lives. Doc Parsley’s message is unpopular but simple, “If you want to get healthy and stay healthy you have to live as close to to the way you evolved if you want to optimize the performance of the machine you call the body and the brain.”

To buy some of Doc Parsleys Sleep Remedy go to and get the best sleep you haven’t had in a long time.

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