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Former Navy SEAL, Joshua Morton – CTAC Update

Josh Morton is a frequent guest on this show and for many reasons. With Canine Tactical of Iowa he is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. If you haven’t listened to previous episodes please go back and listen to episodes #33, #35, #43, #44 and #49

As a veteran serving more than eight years as a Navy SEAL, Josh uses that experience along with a relentless desire and developed a canine program unlike any in the world. Canine Tactical has trained dog serving in communities around the United States and is always pushing the limits training domains that were previously thought impossible. Canine Tactical was the first kennel to partner with the world leader in cloning technology – ViaGen Pets, to produce cloned puppies from the most proven genotypes.

To build off that framework Joshua then developed the Morton Method. Or what I like to call “the secret recipe.” This is not a recipe in the traditional sense of course, don’t be an idiot. This is a recipe with 3 principles in mind (listen to episode #51). Sounds simple, but it’s not. It’s very difficult. Taking place over different phases, in areas not known or familiar to the handler, and then lastly, taking the control out of the environment. Where anything goes.

This episode we get updates on the Active Shooter Canine ™. A school in Minnesota has recently agreed to work in Canine Tactical to implement an Active Shooter Canine ™ in the school. Very exciting!

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