Hard Work, Humility, and God’s Grace– Daniel Cooley

Hard Work

There are not many events in life that can change you like having a child can. The mindset changes from taking care of yourself to taking care of a human being. This was the time that Daniel Cooley wanted to show his children anything can be done in life. This decision unraveled a series of events and Daniel Cooley found a skill in the sport of bodybuilding he never thought to try before. Daniels accomplishments are grounded by 3 principles- hard work, humility, and God’s grace. This is what gets Daniel up early, and up late. Having the discipline to stick to a very strict diet, and taking that first step.

Hard work is not only about working out in a gym. It’s about having the warrior mindset to tackle the small details. The details are what separates the good from the great. It’s what will crush your motivation. Giving up a couple meals because your family isn’t eating what you are is a detail. Daniel Cooley says the two most important things he has is a food scale and microwave. This microwave goes with him to his job in the sheet metal trade. That’s right, his microwave travels with him so he can eat throughout the day. That’s what discipline and drive is, and when the small details are taken care of and you find greater purpose in life. Here is what Daniel Cooley’s results looked like.

2015 Iowa State Championship – 1st place Heavyweight, 1st place overall

2015 Midwest Championship- 1st place Heavyweight

2015 NPC Battle of Champions- 1st place Heavyweight

2016 Jr. Nationals- 16th place Light Heavyweight

2017 Iowa State Championship- 1st place Heavyweight, 1st place overall

2017 Midwest Championship- 1st place Heavyweight


Everyone enduring a little humility is not a bad thing. When Daniel decided to compete in Junior Nationals, he didn’t receive a medal like the ones mentioned above. He received humility. Which can be even more valuable than any medal that can be awarded. Accomplishments are appreciated once the humility is overcome. Some may call being humiliated a byproduct of failure. We don’t believe in failure anymore at Warrior Mindset. It’s only a failure if no knowledge or insight is gained from that experience.

How to reach Dan Cooley

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/dan.j.cooley

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/dan.cooley/




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