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Joshua Morton- Mil Spec Canine Cloning and the Morton Method

“This soldier….lay there deserted by all except his dog.  I looked on, unmoved, at battles which decided the future of nations.  Tearless, I had given orders which brought death to thousands.  Yet here I was stirred, profoundly stirred, stirred to tears.  And by what?  By the grief of one dog.”  ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

MIL SPEC Cloned Canine

“The Morton Method”

The one thing that is consistent with Canine Tactical is that they always work towards creating an elite working canine in there breeding program. Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate or is inconsistent. It takes a lot of time and effort to properly care for, house, feed, raise, and train each pup to adulthood, only to discover not all of them meet the qualifications for an effective Police/Military Working Canine or a home/executive protection canine.

Canine Tactical’s breeding program is built on achieving a standardization of a Working Canine – a MIL-SPEC Canine. A standardization of a canine that has the traits that Canine Tactical desires; Hunt, Defense, and Fight. There are other traits that encompass an effective Working Canine, but these three are a top priority. After multiple breedings, Canine Tactical has yet to achieve stability in each canine. The stability found in Canine Eudoris® Actual, the top male canine is second to none.  A stable canine with these priority traits and characteristics make the learning and training process for the handler who doesn’t fully understand the essence of handler skills, achievable, every time, all the time. (layman’s terms: “the dog makes you look good”)

Canine Tactical is the first kennel to partner up with the world leaders in cloning technology (ViaGen Pets) to produce cloned puppies from there most proven genotypes. The Eudoris®, Apache and Rook brands stand for excellence in the field and these K9s are developed in a unique, customized program that is specifically tailored to prepare dogs with this exact genetic makeup. Canine Tactical is committed to incorporating proven science into our program to achieve the highest quality results possible.

3 principles of the Morton  Method

Officer first mindset- What makes a great K9 team is an officer.  An officer still needs to maintain his individual shooter skills.  How the situation is approached is paramount and the K9 will follow suit.

Take away the controlled environment in training- The Morton Method does not restrict the handler and the dog’s thinking or actions in an unrealistic way.  Allowing him to use his training as well as leaving him the ability to improvise when needed.

Remove the conflict in training- Take the “Alpha male” type out of the sight picture.  Respect the K9 and learn to work around the personality of the K9 and not the trainers’ ideology.

Morton Method concept introduces the canines to use their nose from day one, no matter the age and no visual stimulus is applied. So he started the Clones in detection/hunting for the ball. The Morton Method does not utilize the food reward concept. While the Clones were in the room he noticed they were all in hunt mode with no end in sight, nose to the ground (nonstop). They were sniffing seams of doors, running in and out of dark areas, and up and down stairs. They didn’t know what they were hunting, but they needed to hunt.


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