Judd Kauffman Business Warrior

Jud Kauffman – The Business Warrior

Business as usual for Warrior Mindset Podcast!  Yes, we interviewed another overachiever.  Mr. Kauffman, who was spawned in the Lone Star state, was a savvy Navy SEAL commando, Sniper, Sniper Instructor, Business Leader, and one hell of a model American.

Judson served in the U.S. Navy for eight years, first as a surface warfare-qualified intelligence analyst and later as a Navy SEAL, deploying multiple times throughout the Middle East on hundreds of combat missions in various roles, including sniper and assault team leader. Following active duty, he worked as the National Program Manager for the Naval Special Operations Mentor Program, selecting and mentoring potential SEAL candidates across the U.S.  He later became Vice President of Product Development at Nashville-based consumer products developer Lightbulb Innovation Group. With the belief that better principles of leadership and performance could dramatically increase both profit and morale, Judson co-founded Exbellum in January 2012. Exbellum is a boutique consulting firm that provides project planning/management, complex problem solving, and crisis response to corporations.

Jud has also co-founded several other businesses: Atlas Hills Security, Advena Defense, Gigadepth, Inc., and Desert Door Distillery.
He is a graduate of Belmont University, where he earned a BA in Business in five semesters while working full-time, and he has an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. A native of Longview, Texas, Judson now resides in Austin with his wife, Renee, daughter Pollyanna, and son Pete. In addition to being a devoted family man, he has a passion for the outdoors, food, and travel.

You can check Jud out on LinkedIn- linkedin.com/in/judson-kauffman-01468131

Follow him on Twitter- @JudKauffman

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