Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher, Tony Cingrani – Get Angry and Throw Heaters

“You have got to have a little bit of luck, trust the process, and have a lot of conviction.” 

-Tony Cingrani

Los Angeles Dodgers

Tony Cingrani is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Cingrani pitched in 19 1⁄ innings in 22 games for the Dodgers during the 2017 season, posting a 2.79 ERA. In the postseason, he made two appearances in each of the NLDS and NLCS, giving up no runs and allowing only a single and a hit by pitch.[15] He appeared in three games during the 2017 World Series, allowing one run to score on two hits with two strikeouts. On May 4, 2018, against the San Diego Padres at Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, Cingrani was one of four pitchers involved in a combined no-hitter as the Dodgers won 4–0.

More Than A Game

Left to right – Tony Cingrani, Dannie Strable, Vinny Casha.

There is something about Tony Cingrani that everyone who has played with him has learned, and that is that Tony has bulletproof confidence. Tony and I played together in collegiate summer ball in the small town of Clarinda, Iowa. A small town where superstars like Ozzie Smith, Chuck Knoblauch,  Andrew Cashner, Daniel Descalso, and Tony Cingrani have played. You gather with a group of college athletes you’ve never met and spend the entire summer getting better together and making memories.

One thing most people would remember about Tony is that he was constantly doing something with his arm. Whether it be stretching, warming them up, and most notably- the bodyblade! Tony went everywhere with it. It’s an ongoing joke, but the point is that Tony seemed to always be seeking out activities that would work for him. There are many things that make an elite athlete successful. Tony says, “You have to have a little bit of luck.” While I agree, I think luck is taking advantage of an opportunity your given and succeeding at it. Success builds confidence. You step up when moments get tough. You don’t think about things, you just do it. You’ll notice in the podcast when Tony is asked a question about what’s going through his head on the mound, in the bullpen, or world series, he has to actually think about what he’s thinking because, well, he doesn’t think about it. Tony talks about embracing that energy. It’s focused energy at a specific task at hand. Elite performers seem to be able to shut that voice up inside their head. That voice that whispers doubt, concern, difficulty, embarrassment, or whatever excuse we give ourselves. This voice badgers all of us. That voice knows everything about you. It knows your fears, insecurities, and hits you when you are most vulnerable. There’s a funny joke among our friends with Tony. He was notorious for not giving a f*ck. Over the years I’ve found that many successful people learn to think this way. It’s not that Tony doesn’t care about anything. I think elite level performers ride the line between not caring at all and caring too much. Everything in life requires balance.

Some quick takeaways for youngsters out there-

  • Don’t freak out when things go wrong. It’s going to be ok, no matter what.
  • It’s ok to lift the upper body
  • Run hard through first base, every single time. Even if you’re a pitcher in the big leagues.
  • Think outside the box to get better
  • MEDITATE. Learn how to control your emotions.
  • PARENTS – be a role model for your children. You will have the biggest impact on your children that will set the stage for their entire life.
  • Be grateful
  • Never stop learning. Seek out solutions to get better.

In this podcast, Tony gives us insights on many aspects of being a major league baseball player. Listen to the podcast to hear the rest.




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