Paul Chesnut Vietnam Veteran

The Only MIFWIC In Iowa- Paul Chesnut 

Paul Chesnut is a U.S. Army Veteran who served in Vietnam as a medic supporting Special Forces Operations.

Paul currently lives in Osceola, Iowa and was a school teacher for 28 years. He is a husband, father, grandfather, and a veteran of the greatest country in the world. He is the MIFWIC.

We have interviewed a few veterans now, and a common theme is a mindset that these veterans possess. “It’s just something you had to do back then.” Paul Chesnut’s comment on going to war. The protest movement in Iowa wasn’t as heavy as it was in California at that time, and before Paul could get drafted he went in and made sure he was going to get a job he wanted, MOS: 91G-20 is what sparked his mind. “What the hell is that?” The Army personnel asked. Paul replied,”I don’t know, you tell me that’s what I’m here for isn’t it?” That shows how popular the job he was wishing for was. Not very. Paul did his due diligence in figuring out which job he was going to risk his life for in Vietnam.

Paul also spent his time as a behavioral science expert, social worker, and medic which supported the Special Forces as well as burn victims in Vietnam. Paul recalls, “Most of the burn victims we treated were burned by burning their own shit.” Yes, you read that correctly. Many GI’s were burned after being given the job to burn human waste. After being given the order to burn the waste, I’m not sure if you laugh, cry, or get upset. Diesel fuel and/or gasoline was used to burn the waste, and as you can imagine, would sometimes ignite. Leaving a scar on the body that for sure will lead to a grandpa telling white lies about how he got those scars. All jokes aside, burn victims from human waste and napalm was a serious situation. Napalm is a gel-like substance that sticks to anything it touches. It’s cheap, safe to handle, easy to make, and burns anything in its vicinity. Paul describes the process of what it was like to take care of burn victims.


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