Brad Nagel- Political Correctness

Political Correctness Does Not Make You Correct

Sticks and Stones

This post will be simple. Political correctness is for weak, dishonest, and brainwashed individuals. It seeks to divide our country and to push an agenda that has been around since WWII. Take a second and really think about some of the words the “PC” (Political Correctness) community is trying to ban-

Don’t say this…instead, be politically correct and say…

Alive – instead use- Temporarily metabolically abled.
Bald- instead use- Follicularly challenged
Body Odour- instead use-  Non discretionary fragrance
Broken Home- instead use-  Dysfunctional family
Caretaker- instead use- Site Engineer
Clumsy- instead use- Uniquely coordinated
Criminal- instead use- Behaviourally challenged
Dead- instead use- Living impaired
Dishonest-instead use- Ethically disoriented

This is a very short list of HUNDREDS of words that liberal groups are actively trying to ban the usage of. You think this is a joke? Check out Bill C-16 passed in Canada. Authorities there now fine citizens up to $250,000 for the novel crime of “mis-gendering” — referring to people by any words other than their pronouns of choice (including newly constructed words such as zie/hir, ey/em/eir and co). If you are an advocate of this law and you’re reading this now how will the use of certain gender pro-nouns stop hate? You’re asking the government to step in and change the entire landscape of society because somebody won’t call you the gender you prefer? We are losing perspective in this West. As people around the world are digging in the trash for food, being murdered because they listened to an American song, being raped by their family members, children stepping on mines on the way to school, and your upset because your not being called a certain gender pronoun?

Let The Ship Sink

Sometimes I tend to believe that the only way out is to start over. It’s almost fundamental to our lives. Lose something? Start at the beginning. Computer messing up? Shut it down and start again. Disasters have been proven to bring societies together. Now, we’re not advocating violence or asking for this country to get blown to smithereens. It’s just a thought experiment. Why do societies come together in disasters? Because there are bigger things to worry about. Simple. Don’t believe me? This has actually been documented in the scientific community. One of the best examples of this is our military. A platoon can consist of blacks, whites, atheists, Christians, males, and females and many other identities. War is one of the greatest stresses a human can encounter, but yet we see strong bonds between members of a platoon even when they return home. We saw strong bonds between New Yorkers on 9/11, and some of those bonds are still felt today. When disasters strike everyone puts down the petty crap and takes care of one another.

Remember, you are living someone else’s dream. No matter who you are. No matter how poor, or how bad you think you have it somebody else on the planet has it worse. Live your life in constant check of your perspective. Nobody has time for political correctness.


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