Stephen Holly Warrior Mindset

Stephen Holley Jr.- Built in the USA

” The hunter that travels out into the woods is lost to the world, yet finds himself.”


Stephen is the founder and chief designer of new innovative outdoor apparel brand called SIXSITE. This apparel is built for the performance hunter. Stephen was adamant that all SIXSITE gear is assembled right here in the USA! Does a hunting brand get any better than Navy SEAL designed and USA made? We don’t think so. The SIXSITE brand is made with the Frogman Mentality. “Starting a company, climbing a mountain, raising a family, drawing back for the shot—it all starts and ends with the right mind-set. We’ll help you find yours.”


Stephen L. Holley, Jr., graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2000. He graduated Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Class 234 and served as a SEAL officer at SEAL Team 5 for five years and completed four deployments to Iraq and Southeast Asia. Following his military service, Stephen continues to be a leader in the Dallas area by co-founding Carry The Load with fellow Navy SEAL, Clint Bruce. Stephen has served the Dallas community as a member of the Touchdown Club, the Elizabeth Toon Charities, as a Board Member for the Goodwill Industries of Dallas and currently serves as the Chairman of Pete Sessions Service Academy Advisory Board for the 32nd Congressional District. He has been recognized by the Dallas Business Journal through the 40 under 40 Award and has received the Dallas Foundation’s Good Works Under 40 Award. Most recently, Stephen is found stitching together his tactical skills and love for hunting, designing outdoors apparel and gear for his new venture, SIXSITE.


This is Stephen Holly’s unfinished story. Please Enjoy.


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