Steve Cannon: Expand Your Possible

Steve Cannon is an adventurer, author, speaker, and a believer in the infinite possibilities of YOU!

Steve Cannon grew up in a small town in Iowa called Mediapolis.  In 2009, he ran across his home state of Iowa (292 miles in 11 days). He is the first person to run around the great Lake Michigan (1,037 miles) in 40 days! Essentially, this averages a marathon a day for 40 straight days! Steve completed over 100 marathons, tamed 36-hour adventure races, failed and nearly died on the Yukon River Quest.

He has twice completed the Tuscobia Winter 150 on his fat bike, the Actif Epica and the 2016 Arrowhead 135.  Steve Cannon is a 2016 inductee into The Order of the Hrimthurs.  His adventures have raised money for Livestrong, Camp Kesem and Above and Beyond Cancer.

Steve is the author of two books. His first book 40 Days is about his run around Lake Michigan.  40 Days is not necessarily about running, it’s about the adventure, mental struggle to push yourself past your comfort zone, and to experience what the human body can endure, both mentally and physically.  A race against yourself!  Steve’s second book Upside Down in the Yukon River is set to be released in the fall of 2017.  In this book, Steve talks about his near-death experience on the Yukon River, preparation, training, and the adventure of tackling one of the worlds toughest 500-mile kayak races.

Steve Cannon is one of the most interesting and humble individuals that Warrior Mindset Podcast has interviewed.  Steve lives life as if he’s running out of time!  And his outlook on life is something we all should have.

Steve Cannon Website

Learn more about the adventures of Steve Cannon on his website.


  1. Steve is the REAL deal. Anytime I’m honored to be with him he makes ME feel like a hero and rockstar. I’m honored to call him a Friend and humbled to be Witness to his love and energy.

    1. You’re right about that! He puts a fire in your gut every time! Glad you enjoyed it!

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