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“Thank You For Your Service” Jason Hall To Be Interviewed by SEAL Vet

Thank You For Your Service

Jason Hall, the screenwriter for American Sniper debuts his first director role in the film Thank You For Your Service. This film follows a group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq who struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they’ve left the battlefield. This is an ongoing issue in the veteran community that has yet to be fully addressed on a large scale, until now. We hope to dissect the mindset of what it was like to direct this type of movie, and what is learned through the process from the beginning of filming to the end. What is Jason’s overall vision when making this type of film? What does he hope to change? How important was it, looking back, that Jason had to fight tooth and nail (literally) to get where he is now? He wasn’t given anything but seemed to have grown to success as a director much faster than most do. After all, this is Jasons very first director role. The film was originally approved by the legend, Stephen Spielberg.

If Your A Veteran..Take The Pledge

If you haven’t listened to the episode with Boone Cutler (Episode #13) we discuss some of the options our warriors are starting to have. One of them is the Spartan Pledge. A pledge that a veteran takes to not take their own life, and that they will talk to a battle buddy first. There is a break in our system and the great warriors of the country are starting to take note, and make a better system.

The largest problem we have is 22 veterans taking their lives every day. That is a BIG problem. We may never know why this is. This movie attempts to get into the life of a veteran and tell their story, and hopefully, that number can be taken to 0.

On Friday, Warrior Mindset will have Jason on the podcast to ask some questions about the new film-stay tuned!

Get your asses out to see this movie.

AMC is offering FREE tickets to US veterans and active military. 



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