Former Navy SEAL, Joshua Morton – The First Mil-Spec Puppy Program Ever in The World

“Your passion has to run down leash.” 

Joshua Morton

Joshua is a former Navy SEAL and owner of Canine Tactical of Iowa. He has assisted with the formation of the Navy SEALs canine program. He has applied this hands-on experience in his training program to provide working dogs that have a unique set of genetics paired with proven training techniques for military and law enforcement. This episode we discuss the first Mil-Spec puppy program in the world, tracking dogs, Joshua’s thoughts on obedience training, and an update on the Active Shooter K9™.


Revolutionizing The Working Dog Industry

Joshua Morton is paving the way in producing the most effective working dogs in the industry. Never before in the history of the world has there been a Mil-Spec puppy program. Canine Tactical is the first kennel to partner up with the world leaders in cloning technology (ViaGen Pets) to produce cloned puppies of our most proven genotypes. The Eudoris®, Apache and Rook brands stand for excellence in the field and these K9s are developed in a unique, customized program that is specifically tailored to prepare dogs with this exact genetic makeup.  Canine Tactical is committed to incorporating proven science into their program to achieve the highest quality results possible.



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Canine Tactical offers the first Premier Clone Working Canines in the USA – Premier Working Canine Clones for the Police Working Canine, Active Shooter Canine, and Personal Protection Canine fields.  Joshua Morton developed the ‘Morton/Method’ of training from his experiences as the first Navy SEAL K9 Operator for GRP 2.   The 3, 5, and 10-week training courses are designed to enhance the handler and canine’s individual and team qualities.  No course is the same.
All custom tailored ballistic and non-ballistic canine vests and handler kits are made in-house.

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