Warrior Mindset

War Is Fun

“A warrior loves war like a kid loves Disneyland.”- Brad Nagel

This episode is not your ordinary conversation about war. In reality, there is a part of war some would say was the best time of their life. War isn’t all about the killing and destruction. That already known. It’s also about going out with the ones you love and getting a job done. To help understand war, and to understand the mindset of a warrior, this conversation has to happen. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. The media and movie industry only show the negative side of war. Often intertwined with a political agenda. That is all the herd is exposed to, so it becomes their doctrine.
    It has become intellectually and politically incorrect to recognize the positive aspects in war.
    Love the quote, “ everyone can be a soldier. Not everyone can be a Warrior”

    Brad- “You’re a star!” (Tell my wife I love her…)

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